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At Ariatechnik you will find a company that is committed to designing and producing the finest audio equipment in the world. Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., we specialize in digital amplifiers and digital loudspeaker systems utilizing Wave Synergy (point Source) drivers. From the most advanced home cinema to the most cutting edge screening room, our core technologies will deliver sound with clarity and impact you have not yet experienced. With over 25 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise, we have shipped thousands of units globally through our industry partners.
Ariatechnik products are now available as our own brand of products from a team of distribution partners who share a passion for, and commitment to, high-end audio engineering.


Advice on planning your perfect surround sound?

Are you planning a new home audio system? If you need guidance on developing a new home media system please reach out. From advice on what systems will suit your space, to an advanced custom product to meet your specific desires…..



We specialize in the finest home audio systems utilizing Wave-Synergy (point source) driver technology as well digital loudspeaker systems using the world’s most state-of-the-art
digital signal processing. The end result are loudspeaker systems with clarity and impact you have not yet experienced.


Wave Synergy™

Characteristic of the Ariatechnik Wave Synergy™ loudspeaker design is that it presents a large 'sweet spot' both vertically and horizontally with an exceptionally even response throughout the listening area, as well as an extraordinary transient response. The Wave Synergy™ driver is effectively two drivers properly merged into one where, unlike ordinary drive units, the high frequency unit is positioned on the back of the low frequency driver and in the proper phase alignment with the low frequency driver. As a result they are on the the same time axis, so ensuring that sound energy effectively propagates from the same point and is delivered through the center of the low frequency cone as true point source.


Such integration optimizes reproduction quality by providing a constant time delay over the frequency spectrum, exceptional transient performance, wide dispersion and superior harmonic alignment, all of which delivers to the listening position a natural, clean and integrated sound with greatly enhanced intelligibility, sound staging and dynamics.

Wave EM-Pact™

Ariatechnik’s Wave EM-Pact™ is a group of our core technologies and design techniques that increase bass definition and clarity. This is accomplished by using very high motor strength woofers in carefully sized cabinets and state of the art digital signal processing techniques that increase linearity, lower group delay (or time errors) and lower audible distortions.


The end result is a level of impact and clarity in music and film that is very different and better from that of traditional loudspeaker designs.



System Engineer

System Engineer is a highly unified control and monitoring PC application for managing an Ariatechnik loudspeaker system or when using our amps for other systems. System Engineer can be used by your dealer/integrator to custom tailor the sound of your system to your room or your personal tastes.


We have worked hard to make System Engineer as simple and intuitive as possible. This apparent simplicity belies a sophisticated, comprehensive workhorse built on a solid core technology. System Engineer will allow your dealer/ integrator to connect a number of devices and use it to set up, control and monitor them. System Engineer can control and monitor several networks consisting of many devices simultaneously via Ethernet.

System Engineer implements smooth, fast and 100% accurate drag-able EQ and other filter curves. You can adjust the parameters for these either by typing in numerically, spinning up/down controls, or by grabbing the curve with your mouse and dragging it. You can copy/paste EQ settings between bands of the same device, or even copy/paste them between different devices, of different types, from different manufacturers. You can also copy the EQ curves to the windows clipboard ready for pasting into a document for publishing.


System Engineer offers the ultimate in control when using Ariatechnik’s AT 44 Series of amplifiers with almost limitless design possibilities.


Custom Audio from Ariatechnik

Do you long for something unique, or something designed for your specific desires? Ariatechnik has design capabilities and technologies to assist you on your quest.
It can be as simple as a custom finish or wood veneer or as radical as a design to meet your own aesthetic requirements to match your home.
No job is too difficult or too small, just tell us what you want and we can begin a design process to bring your dreams into reality and made just for you.




natural wood finishes

colors available



Ariatechnik Customers

I purchased an Ariatechnik SBR soundbar and I am continually amazed by how much better I can understand dialog and how much more exciting movies are for our family. Thank you guys and keep up the great work!


We are enjoying our custom surround system every day. We wanted colors chosen by our designer and Ariatechnik not only accommodated the special finish but came up with a system that blows us away!


Michelle P.

Adam H.

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The following product page contains a complete overview of the Ariartechnik loudspeaker, in-ceiling speaker, sound bar, book shelf, subwoofer, and amplifier range.

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